Trending hairstyles and fashion in Asia

Looking for trendy styles t have as a teen? The main areas to pay attention in fashion as a teen are the trending hairstyles, light make-up and nail art. Too much make up is not good for a teen for the skin and body are still young and in perfect condition. Fashion in asia is advanced to cater also for the teens with the appropriate make-up, lipgloss, nail art and hair dyes. In this article we shall discuss on the various options available in the asian fashion market for the teens.hairstyle

Hairstyles can be broadly categorized into long, short, chopy or wavy. You can choose to have your hair long and natural, but it would also be fun to try out different hair cuts. These include:

  • The easiest haircut to maintain is the smooth and razor straight short to medium bob.
  • A short, layered bob then have different hair colors for different layers. The different colors gives this hairstyle a funky look.
  • Short and layered bob with side bangs.
  • Short razor bob with one side bang.
  • Wavy short bob.
  • For long hairstyles, it’s more trendy having it long and sleek.

For all the hairstyles, you can try out different colors as advised by your hair stylist.

With your hair done, we can now move to make-up. Sparingly apply foundation to the necessary area such as the dark spots. As a teen, your skin is still young and pretty, so a lot of foundation on your face over the years will not do you any justice. The net step is to pat your concealer. Do not get into a habit of rubbing it in. from this stage, you can apply a mascara on your eye lashes. If you choose to go heavy on your eyes, go light on your lips or vise versa but never heavy on both. A light tone of lipstick or lipgloss looks edgy and complements your facial looks. Whether to settle for a lipstick or a lipgloss is all dependent on personal tastes and preferences. The advantage to using a lipgloss is that it makes your lips look glossy, juicy and pretty while still maintaining that natural look. The advantage to the lipstick is that it makes your lips more noticeable and does not have a glossy look.

The next trendy thing to do is nail art. You can choose to have the nails painted plain and have dark colors. Or you can choose to have a French manicure with trendy designs or glittered tip nails. Various nail art trends can be googled on the internet and ask your local nail artist to have them done on your nails. The trending styles also including, cartoon characters, lady bird styles and glitters. Nail art can be changed depending on your taste. The availability of various nail art trends allows you to change and choose the style depending on your taste, what’s trending, and your moods!

As we have seen, there are various, exciting trending hairstyles, make-up options and nail art options that you can try out. You can change or choose these hairstyles depending on your moods or tastes. Most of all these latest trends make you look funky and stylish. Fashion in Asia has grown over the years and the good part is that it caters for the teens too! So there is no reason not to be trendy this season as everything is readily available in the fashion stores and salons.

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