Top fashion tips to follow on your next visit to Singapore

Nestled in the south-east section of the globe, Singapore is a bustling city, full of surprises at every nook and corner and ever ready to embrace new cultures and trends. A travel to Singapore is fulfilling for both recreational and educational purposes as it houses umpteen facilities and modern accommodation amenities to invite tourists all year round. Considering that the weather is Singapore is quite sticky, there are certain fashion trends to bear in mind before your pack your bags impulsively and fly away to the city of gardens.sg_fashion

Here we discuss the prevailing fashion trend in Singapore, along with the ones that are most comfortable for every tourist.

‘Dress down’ or ‘dress up’ for Singapore?

If you intend to visit Singapore for the sole purpose of touring the city, then all you basically need to pack is a couple of shorts, singlet, tank tops, T-shirt and you are good to go. In the sweltering hot and humid climate of Singapore, the lesser you wear outdoors, the better you will feel. Fabrics like pure cotton, silk and linen are compulsory. Consider packing extra t-shirts since after a day of outdoor travelling, you will have sweat completely and may need a change. Also be generous on the usage of a deodorant to conceal body odour.

As contrary to outdoor temperatures, places of Singapore maintain fully conditioned and sometimes chilly temperatures indoors. Since majority of activities occur indoors in Singapore, dressing becomes a new challenge altogether. So while you ‘dress down’ for outdoors, you will need to ‘dress up’ for indoor activities.

How to dress indoors for….

  • Office conference: Offices in Singapore house freezing cold environment. Business attire is largely seen as formal, so depending upon office temperature, it is safe to wear blazer suits. If you are clueless of the actual temperature, wear layers.
  • Taxi ride: Taxis in Singapore are common and quite affordable, so as a tourist, there are high chances that you will be boarding one for local touring or a visit to the marketplace. Taxis here maintain freezing temperatures too, so it is mandatory to carry a fleece jacket, cashmere sweater or a nice fur coat in your travel kit for the taxi ride.
  • The park: Singapore parks are chill-out places where people come to rejuvenate and imbibe the scenic greenery around. Here, short dresses, skirts, singles are quite comfortable for the evening, but for the hot, sultry mid-day temperatures, you may want to slip on a full sleeved sheer cotton shirt.
  • Visit to Shopping mall: Shopping malls are plenty in Singapore to cater to the interest of uptown tourists and locals alike. Since they maintain freezing temperatures, adorn a muffler or light scarf to sail through your shopping spree comfortably. Long pants are also recommended to preclude conditions of cold feet.
  • Fancy pubs and clubs: Most bars of Singapore have flexible dress codes and allow you to show up in short, sexy numbers, yet few fancy bars like Skypark bar require men to adorn long pants instead of short ones.

One last tip…

Singapore is a lively city which holds high regards for high street fashion and other contemporary trends. One popular fashion trend in Singapore is pattern mixing. In patten mixing, you can mix and match your standard black and white cotton clothes with perky scarves in shades of bright blue, bold red, fuschia or purple to accentuate the overall look and quite set a trend on your next travel to Singapore!

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