Will Your Surgery be Covered by Your Health Fund?

Although it is the last option of many doctors, one of the most effective modes of treating diseases and getting rid of most health problems is through surgery. There are several factors one must consider before signing up for this such as risks and contraindications. For instance, weight loss is a must for overweight and obese patients thinking of getting surgery for hernias.

But, one of the most common questions being asked by so many is if the procedure they will undergo is covered by their health fund or insurance.

doctorsThere is no doubt that this is an important factor to consider. Hospital fees are so expensive these days. You need to pay the venue of the surgery, the professional fees of the doctors doing the procedure, the medicines and so many more.

Without a health fund, a regular Joe needing surgery for hernias  might find it hard to pay his hospital debts off even if he has a regular job.

The answer here is: it depends on the health fund or insurance that you first signed up for. If you have a private health fund, chances are all kinds of surgeries will be paid for by the company – even if you chose to have this done in the top and the most expensive hospital in town.

If you need gall bladder surgery, you can get it. If you want a nose job, you can get it. It’s that amazing.

On the other end of the spectrum, public hospital health funds cover only default benefits. These are benefits that the patient will receive as prescribed by the government.

Let’s go back to our first example that is hernia surgery. One of the contraindications of this procedure is obesity. Losing weight before going under the knife is a must. If you are on a certain timeline, gastric bypass or another type of weight loss surgery might be allowed even if you’re on public health funds.

But, cosmetic surgery to get rid of the excess pounds – especially if you’re not overweight in the first place – is a no-no.

If you are not quite sure about what is covered and what is not, have a talk with your health insurance company. If you’re on public health funds, go to their office and check it out as well.

And do it now, even if you don’t need surgery for hernias or some other health problem. This is one way of getting prepared for anything.

Undergoing a surgery for weight loss can be expensive, but it can be covered by your insurance or health fund, so don’t worry when you decide to go through the knife, consult http://weightlossandkeyholesurgery.com.au/.

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