The Cost Contest: Laser Cataract VS Conventional Refractive Surgery

Ever since the emergence of laser technology in the world of Medicine and Surgery, more and more people are choosing this method because of its advantages. The same is true when it comes to cataract surgery, with more patients going for Laser Cataracts Sydney than the conventional refractive one.

cataract2If that is the case, why are some doctors still offering the latter as an option? Why can’t they just tell their patients to undergo the safer and considerably more effective Laser? To understand this more, let’s go through some of the basic differences between the two.

The difference in procedure

Here is the basic procedure for the two vision correction surgery for removing cataracts: an incision will be made around the cornea, the anterior capsule of the lens is removed, the cataract will be fragmented and – if needed – more incisions on the cornea will be removed to reduce astigmatism.

The only difference between the two, really, is that laser is used to make the corneal incisions and cataract fragmentation in the former and it’s all manual with the standard surgery.

The difference in result

A study was conducted very recently comparing the result of Laser Cataracts Sydney versus the traditional refractive surgery. The study group was subdivided in two: laser was used for the first one and the conventional process was used for the second.

The results are staggering. Twice the number of people undergoing laser cataract removal achieved 20/20 vision after the healing period of one month compared to the other option. Don’t get this wrong: conventional refractive surgery is effective too but there were just more people who benefited from laser.

The difference in cost

With just the laser technology for Cataract Sydney costing $500,000, one doesn’t have to wonder why it is so much more expensive than the conventional method of cataract removal.

Basic refractive cataract surgery – without any other ‘add-ons’ like treating astigmatism – starts at about $3,000 per eye. Treatment using laser will cost you $4,500 per eye and that amount could go higher depending on the type of laser used.

Now let’s go back to the question asked above: why are doctors still offering the traditional refractive surgery when Laser Cataracts Sydney is now so available? The answer is very simple. While using laser in this procedure yields better results, the standard procedure is still effective. However, the more striking reason would be – it’s cheaper. And there are some people who will still go for the less expensive option.

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