Landscapes designs in Australia- responding to its local climate conditions

Just like in any other places, your landscape or garden design is dependent on your local climate as well as the plants to grow.  It is recommended to get professional help in designing a garden in consideration with the climate condition and come up with the best landscape design for your home. Through professional gardeners and landscape designers, you know what design is suited to your local climate and you get insightful notes on different landscape and garden designs that are best for Australian climate.landscape_design3

Landscape and garden design for Sydney’s climate

Sydney is known for its temperate climate with warm temperature during summer and mild temperature on winters. Extreme temperature is mostly in inner western suburbs while the rest has moderate temperature throughout the year. Rain comes mostly during the first half of the year. During winters, it is rarely for temperature to drop below 5 C degrees especially in coastal areas. With Sydney’s temperature, landscape design falls more in indoor elements as Sydney’s climate is best for outdoor entertaining and activities. Pergolas and paved areas are common and designs are usually with lots of water features. Natural plant grouping is another typical landscape design in Sydney’s homes. The use of timber and natural stones for sense of Australian native landscape are also two dominant design elements. Free, open and natural forms are also typical landscape and garden designs in consideration of its climate condition.

Landscaping and gardening designs for Melbourne’s climate

Victoria especially in Melbourne has temperate oceanic climate and changeable climate conditions. During spring and summer, cold fronts caused gales and severe thunderstorms, heavy temperature drops and heavy rains. Melbourne also has the reputation of “four seasons in a day” and is much colder than the rest of Australia’s mainland and cities however snowfall is very rare. These types of climate condition calls for landscape design with planted wet plants and minimal use of structural categories like trees, fences and barriers. Groundcovers, non-woody plants and permeable surfaces can be well-incorporated. Reduced lawn area and increased hardy garden beds suit any Melbourne garden.

Brisbane landscaping designs

Brisbane is all hot and humid during summer due to its proximity to the Coral Sea and warm ocean current. Brisbane is also prone to drought conditions. Brisbane’s climate is suited to a tropical garden and landscaping designs. Since drought is a usual condition here, designs that call for low maintenance and low water resource are typical for a Brisbane home. Water features like fountains add interest as well as incorporating swimming pool design.

If you want to enjoy your garden more, design them accordingly, and should be appropriate to your local climate.

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