How to Have a Big White, Geeky Wedding


Weddings have become more modern and more interactive than ever before. Nowadays, the bride and groom have more say on what they want and what their guests want during the celebration. Aside from an open bar and buffet food set up, one of the popular requests during weddings is a photo booth hire Brisbane. This set up can be an actual booth with a timer, or a space at the wedding venue where a photographer with a mini printing station is situated.

The photo booth has become one of the most popular features in any celebration, mainly because of its ability to be uploaded and shared immediately in social media. There are also dozens of backdrops and props that come with it, making the whole photo booth hire Brisbane experience a more memorable one for the wedding guests as well as the bride and groom themselves.

Instead of the posed and stiff photo ops at the altar or at the wedding venue, pictures at the photo booth hire Brisbane are more relaxed and spontaneous. Too often, the real fun starts when the wedding party has already had one too many drinks; and the bridesmaids who are normally reserved have begun to let their hair down. The poses start to become more goofy when the inhibitions are gone. These make for the interesting tags and shares all over social media over the next few days.

A photo booth hire Adelaide can liven up geeky weddings, too. It’s a good way to show off how all the guests dressed the part. Star Trek, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones are some of the geeky themed weddings that are now very much in vogue. The costumes are elaborate, and the guests often stay in character throughout the wedding ceremony.

A medieval or Arthurian themed wedding would really be interesting – imagine all the action that the photo booth hire will get. For guests who did not come in character, there can be costumes and props that they can play around with while having their pictures taken. Traditionally, one photo booth session is made up four pictures. A main one and three smaller, sub images. They are printed as one, and the print out is given to the person.

In case of group photos, the photo booth company normally uploads all of the pictures to one web site and shares the link. The wedding guests can then tag themselves, grab the photos, and share them in their own social media networks.

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