Great Wedding Ideas for 2015

Planning a wedding is one of the most challenging activities, and that’s why it’s always smart to hire people to do it for you. They will be the ones to coordinate with the church, the venues and even the wedding photographer Sydney or videographer, if you need one.

Now, even if you have a planner, a lot of the decisions – especially when it comes to the venue décor, dress styles and even the theme will come from you and your soon-to-be-husband. If you’re busy and you don’t have time for these things, read on. We’ve got some of the best wedding ideas this 2015 that you could use when you say I do!

Pastels and Neutrals

Wedding ThemeAccording to expert planners, you should always have three basic colours for your wedding: the main shade, a complementing hue and something metallic. While that formula still works, you might want to try the following schemes that are all over Sydney wedding photos: Navy – Cream – Blush, Sage – Light Sandalwood – Dark Sandalwood, and Coral – Peach – Powder Blue.

Elegant Rustic Themes

Princess Kate and everything English (that includes the super hit show Downtown Abbey) are still so popular that you’d see weddings inspired by these. Unadorned wooden tables with bits of lace doilies here and there, simple floral décor, and basic table settings are the rage.

Minimal Elegance

Posh, basic décors are also in this 2015. However, most stylists add a splash of bold colours here and there to give the event a bit more fun and spice. And believe us; your wedding photographer Sydney will love shooting stuff like this!


When it comes to floral arrangement, anything goes! So you really don’t need to hire and spend a lot of money on the florist (and there’s another great tip for you) because you can do the flower decorations yourself. If you have no idea how to style your centrepieces and bouquets, take a look at a wedding photo Sydney featuring 2015 floral décors for ideas.

If you’re not the sort of person who goes with the fad, that’s fine too. Still, it’s nice to have some new inputs to the wedding you have been dreaming of since you were a teenager. Whatever that is (and we can never say this too frequently), find the best wedding photographer Sydney because he or she will be your chance at making one of the most important events in your life memorable.

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