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catering2There is a big market for catering services Sydney as business hold corporate events such as meetings, seminars, product launches, and other activities that require food to be served to the participants. The corporate events become more attractive to participants when companies announce in advance the type of food that will be served. It is an accepted fact that in large gatherings of people, food is a major focus of interest

Wok on Inn Catering has been getting a lot of attention in the corporate world as one of the well-known Sydney corporate catering companies. They provide corporate catering a pleasant break from the traditional Australian or western cuisine that has dominated the catering landscape for a long time. Wok on Inn Catering offers a fresh Asian cuisine alternative that features street-style food coming from China, Thailand, and other Asian countries. They brought this new food concept to the catering Sydney environment and it was well accepted by the corporate guests who savor the old and the new tastes of Asian food flavor.

What They Offer

Wok Inn Catering offers corporate catering Sydney with healthy and delicious meals prepared only from the freshest meats and vegetables available. The meals feature classic Chinese and Thai noodles, always a crowd-drawer in corporate events, and other Asian street style cooking prepared from the best ingredients from the different countries across Asia as well as from other parts of the world.

Some of their food offerings are as follows:

  • Finger Food – Parties always start with finger food.  To whet the palate of the crowd, spring rolls, crispy vegetable curry puffs, Thai fish cakes, and chicken dumplings will surely make the partygoers ready for the main entrees.
  • Asian Noodles – Noodles are staples in any Asian cuisine, appreciated not only by Asians but by people from all over the world as well. Each country in Asia has its own special style of cooking noodles but some stand out from the rest. Noodles cooked in Bangkok are famous all over the world. The classic Pad Thai brings together a creative balance of salty and sweet, spicy and sour, with the traditional Thai noodles mixed with egg, sprouts, shrimp, crushed peanuts, and fresh lemon. Penang satay noodles of Malaysia is another standout that always attract a good crowd in corporate buffets. For a touch of Japanese taste, Japanese teriyaki noodles also attracts a good number of followers. Added to the noodle selection is the Indonesian national rice dish – Nasi Goreng.
  • Entrees and Snacks – Wok Inn Catering also offers main entrees that are inspired by traditional and fusion cooking from China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asian countries. For smaller events, they also offer snacks items such as chicken shu mai, gyoza dumpling, chicken stay skewers, and a lot more.
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