The Wonderful World of Fashion Styling

Fashion stylists are becoming a hit as a job. They are the ones who assist fashion designers, photographers, and other media personalities in knowing the latest fashion and trends, helping in pictorials and fashion shows, and picking the best location, hair and make-up ideas to work with.  While it is common that stylists give more effort in women’s fashion, you will also find a men’s stylist working hard to make male models and celebrities look great. They are also as promising and creative in some ways. The stylists’ priority is to give life and art on their work, be it on television, magazines or any fashion events. They should always be available for upcoming events and other social events. It could be around the country or even out of the country trips for big fashion events. These can help in their inspiration and get to know different fashion experts.

style1Fashion stylists must be balanced. For example, the clothes of models should complement the theme of an event. They should know how to mix and match ideas. Being a men’s stylist, their minds should be wide open for creativity and uniqueness. The outcome should not just look plain, but with class and style. Communication with the fashion team is required to make every idea work hand in hand. These stylists visit many locations for photo shoots and fashion events, deal with different people and popular personalities (like models, celebrities, and other public figures). This means that they must be patient enough to deal with sudden problems that may occur. The same goes with editorial stylist of different media publications, they might have the power to organize and handle the whole pictorial, but they still work closely with other staff such as models and artists, art directors, photographers, and fashion directors.

Handling models and celebrities to take part in photo shoots and fashion events is one of a kind. You get to interact with them and you let them feel that they are taken care of. For women’s stylist, they should be both cautious and positive when handling their models. They should also be attentive for their models’ needs. Their fashion sense in style might be a bit different to women’s, but as long that they stick to the team’s plan and theme, they can pull an exciting outcome. A Men’s stylist should also be attentive and patient to their models and to the event.

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