Great Options for Plus Size Shoppers Down Under

I am what you would call a plus-sized woman and I am proud of it. This wasn’t the case when I was younger, unfortunately. And it was probably because it was hard to find plus size clothing that would suit me well.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not just talking about the fit. Of course, there were a lot of clothes that we, bigger girls could wear. But, extra-large football jerseys and giant pairs of jeans aren’t what you’d call appealing.

plus_size1How lucky plus sized women are today. How lucky I am today. We’ve got so much more options now than we did in the past. Now, I only use those (admittedly) oh so comfortable football jerseys and (these days) giant pairs of yoga pants at home. But, when I’m off to some glitzy party, I have the right plus size dresses for the occasion.

I was a tad anxious though when I went to Australia for a vacation a few months ago. I know, of course, that they have great options for women my size but I was not so sure if they would have options for my very particular taste in fashion.

Being a traveler who loves shopping, I have learned how to pack light. But, packing light is not very advantageous this time when my friends and I will be staying in the country for over two weeks. Shopping for great plus size clothing was a must for me.

One of my options was to shop online. But that wasn’t a smart idea since I would be spending more considering that the shops offering my kind of fashion were from the States, too. That extra I’d be paying for shipping would be better spent on fun during my vacation.

So I browsed the net for local shops offering plus size clothing Australia. You wouldn’t imagine my glee when I found over a dozen different sites on Google. Also, half of those had actual shops in Sydney, our first stop down under!

As soon as I got the addresses of these shops, I took out my luggage and filled just a quarter of it. In fact, I only had a pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, three shirts, a cardigan, several pairs of socks and underwear. Aside from the going around town for plus size clothing shopping, I decided to purchase a nice pair of sandals and another pair of stilettos there.

Everything I got was just amazing that it was one shopping spree I would never forget!

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