Fashion Police: Conquer your College Fears

Entering a new phase in your life requires changes, fashion-wise. If you want to make your entry to college memorable and worry free, you should take note of the wardrobe essentials you must have with you. A nice outfit every school day is a sure boost to your confidence.

The Basics

singaporefashionYou do not need to shop heavily on dresses or lacy tops to look good. Having a few essentials can help you get through college minus the nightmares.

One of the first things you must shop for is some pair of jeans. Keeping five or six pairs in your closet – in different styles, washes, and trends. No one will ever complain about you wearing the same pair twice in a week because no one will ever notice. Be careful about getting too trendy with your jeans. You will need fresh new pairs every season. It is more ideal that you keep basic styles that do not go outdated.

Tank tops are another essentials. Keep them comfy, as they are stylish and chic. Make sure to have pieces in basic colors, which you can wear all alone during summer and then layer with cardigans and jackets during winter.

If you want to look good outside, don’t forget to invest on what you wear inside. Panties and brassiere are the foundation of how you would look. If they are in the perfect fit, the rest of your outfit will not look right as well. What you need to remember when buying undergarments? Comfort and fit, baby.

Dressy Must-Haves

College students are not all about studying and no play. You must prepare for those “playtimes” as much as you do for your school days. Get chic and classic dresses that will fit you perfectly. You can wear them to school and to after-school gimmicks. You may interchange a dress with a button down shirt, some skirts, and dressy tops.

The other important things that an incoming college student must shop for are the accessories that will make any outfit a standout. Starting from a bag that will hold everything without appearing too bulky. Bags with zippered compartments and pockets will help keep you organized so go ahead and look out for them.

You should also take time choosing your shoes. You must have a pair of ballet flats, a pair of boots, and a pair of pumps. Choose basic colors so you would not have problems wearing them with any outfit.

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