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10 Top Places To Shop In Tokyo


Whenever someone says he or she is going on a trip to Japan, the usual suspect has and will always be Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Tokyo shopping has it all; from high-end to offbeat fashion. If taking a travel to Tokyo is something you have been giving some serious thoughts lately, whether you prefer department store browsing or just rummaging for second-hand treasures, here are top places to shop in Tokyo to meet your shopping needs.

1. Ginza

Home to the city’s posh boutiques and high-end department stores like the Dover Street Market Ginza and Mitsukoshi, this affluent shopping district in Tokyo receives millions and millions of shoppers from round the world every single year. If you are currently into those high-end fashion glitz or you are just into craft, Ginza is where you should be going to next.

2. Omotesando

Coming second after Ginza in term of capacity, this upscale shopping neighborhood is fast becoming one of the most visited areas in the whole of Tokyo. Apart from the famous six storey toy store called Kiddyland, a good number of major brands also have massive flagship stress in Omotesando.

3. Shimokitazawa

For shoppers from around the world who are currently looking for unique, authentic and offbeat, Shimokitazawa is definitely one place they should be visiting real soon. Probably one of the most popular neighborhoods with Tokyo hipsters, this location boasts numerous clothing, music and candy shops.

4. Harajuku and Aoyama

Known all over the world because of the youthful shopping strip, Takeshita-Dori and the stylish boulevard of Omote, sophistication and high end fashion rules this shopping location. There are quite a good number of shopping options for clothes and accessories. If shopping is one the things you love whenever you take strip to a different place or country, your visit to Tokyo will not be complete without a visit to this twin neighborhood.

5. Roppongi

Traditionally known for wild bars and pick-up joints, Roppongi is a home to a number of the city’s most interesting and idiosyncratic showrooms and shops and shopping of complexes. With a collection of galleries, shops showcasing contemporary interior design and Japan Sword, if you are into Samurai Weaponry, this is place to be.

6. The Contemporary Fix

When it comes to some of the best shops t sop in Tokyo, The Contemporary Fix comes second to none. Founded by Yuichi Yoshii, this shop is a premium retailer that largely focuses on leading Japanese brands including Facetasm, Hyke and Phenomenon among others. The best part; for after shopping coffee, shoppers can head downstairs to the popular delicatessen restaurant Pariya. For real, it cannot get better than that.

7. Kichijoji

If you are seeking a relaxed shopping atmosphere, Kichijoji is a good option. Unlike Shibuya and Shinjuku, this place is less crowded and not chaotic; the best part, Kichijoji has numerous large department stores including Marui, Tokyu, Loft and Parco.

8. Akihabara

Wrapping up our list of some of the best places to shop in Tokyo is Akihabara. Despite w very sharp increase in the number of electronic shops in Tokyo, it is fascinating how Akihabara has rose through the ranks and become one of the biggest choices for electronic shoppers from all over the world. Moreover, Akihabara has also become a center of Japanese Otaku culture; currently selling everything and anything related to anime and manga.

9. Shibuya

One of the busiest shopping neighborhoods in Tokyo, Shibuya receives well over a million shoppers every single year. Many of the department stores in the area target young shoppers such as the famous Shibuya 109.

10. Laila Tokio

Featuring a futuristic décor with a whopping 8000 tiny pyramids is just one thing that will make you want to come back to this shop in Tokyo over and over. Lovers of classic and high end designer looks will relish in the hard to find designers archives such as Raf Simons and Helmust Land. In short, Laila Tokio is the place to be.

At the end, with hundreds and hundreds of larger department stores and equally large number of top places to shop in Tokyo, this city, alone, is and will remain a shopper’s delight. It is an extremely high competitive environment and shop going to great length to bring in shoppers from around the world using everything from events to architecture make a travel to Tokyo one thing you should do before you die.

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