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The Elements of a Great Wedding Film

One of the things that you should never forget in your wedding planning is to hire someone to document your big day. However, this does not just mean getting a photographer. Although pictures do capture the highlights of your day, it is not enough. You would not want to miss out on having quality wedding films that brings you so much more.

Here are some of the classic scenes that will even melt the heart of the most unromantic out there:

depositphotos_48301699_s-20151. Preparing for the wedding

Whether it’s reading that pre-ceremony letter that you wrote to each other, or simply being the center of attention, the hours before the wedding are prime film material for your wedding videographers. Your mom and your best friends helping you get dressed and that “wow!” as they see you in your veil and gown, or your groom joking around with his mates are moments that can easily be forgotten. However, these are moments to treasure and capture in quality wedding films.

2. Bridal march

This is one of the most awaited scenes of every wedding, one that both photographers and your wedding cinematography team are sure not to miss. Not only is it great to capture the bride and the groom, but even the teary-eyed father of the bride and your happy grandmother deserve to be filmed.

3. The first kiss

First of all, the pair has just been declared husband and wife. Second, this is their first romantic kiss as a married couple. Your wedding video in Sydney should definitely include this huge moment.

4. The dances and speeches

No matter how great your photographer is, they will never be able to replay that welcome dance you’ve planned for months or those sweet moments when you danced with your father. Quality wedding films are made for moments like these, as well as for letting you listen to your maid-of-honor’s speech or that funny toast by the best man anytime you want.

5. The funny bits

Wedding pictures are sometimes so serious and maybe even posed, it’s hard to really show the moments when everyone just let loose and danced like crazy. After all, your wedding is one of the biggest parties of your life, and who doesn’t want video proof of everyone having fun afterward?

In fact, your wedding film is more than just having something to show during the party or to share with guests after. The main purpose is to give you a chance to view your special day as a spectator many years after, and reminisce the day that changed your life forever.

We dream to have a romantic and natural style of cinematic recording of our big day, so what else you are waiting for?

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What Makes Handmade Accessories the Better Choice for Brides?

There is an increase in the number of couples who get married that used personalized accessories. This is why bridal handmade accessories, for example, are becoming more popular nowadays. There is a prevailing appreciation of handmade wedding pieces as more personal and sentimental.

If you’re going to get married anytime soon or if you have a friend who plans to, it may be a good idea to consider accessories that are handmade to make the bride look fashionable. Here are the advantages:

Superior Quality

Depositphotos_101233132_s-2015More couples are now choosing bridal accessories that are manually handmade over those that are mass produced. One of the main reasons is the superior quality of handmade wedding pieces. The high level of quality is achieved because makers ensure that the materials used are at least of good quality. The pieces become superior in terms of the design and the opportunity to have customized designs. For example, the bride can choose certain gemstones and ask the makers to incorporate them in the design.

Personalized Designs

Another advantage of bridal handmade accessories is the opportunity to have personalized pieces. It’s like the customized ones, but when we say personalized, it has something that is different from the others. For example, if the souvenir item is a locket made of rose gold, each piece can be distinct from the others by imprinting the first letter of the name of the receiver. In this way, the accessory becomes personalized, and it also becomes more sentimental for the receiver.

Reasonably Affordable

The bride can surely smile and look fashionable without having to worry about the cost of the accessories. For example, she can have bridal hair pieces according to her idea but without the need to shell out large sums of money. This is also the beauty of customizing wedding pieces.

The makers can always think of ways on how to achieve the design and vision even if there is a limited budget. The same process can be done with other piece like the bridal shoe clips.

More Appropriate Design

Another best thing about bridal handmade accessories is that they can perfectly complement the overall theme of the wedding. Those that are ready-made may not 100% complement the bridal gown for example. However, making the accessories manually ensures that the different elements or materials required are used to achieve the couple’s vision of their wedding.

With these, manually made accessories will definitely make any bride look fashionable.

Customized or handmade for the bride’s accessories are now getting famous because of its unique elegance.

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Mixing and Matching to Achieve the Boho Look

Be chic and proud. Learn how to climb the ranks of Zimmermann models and avid followers. Here are some ideas on how to achieve the stylish Bohemian look. Read on.

Use layers and use them wisely.

Depositphotos_100016106_s-2015Bohemian style is all about a couple of layers but some overdo it. That is not a good thing. If you want to look like a true blue Boho chick, you should know how to layer your outfit. Make sure you go easy with the lengths and the number of Zimmermann dresses you are going to put together. Your outfit should not make you look smaller or heavier. In that case, you will have to lift a layer or two.

Do not dress far from your personality

A Bohemian style requires some attitude to wear right. However, you do not necessarily need to be a hippie to earn the right to don it. There is always a way to blend in this type of fashion with your type of person. Look into various Zimmerman styles and see which one is most suitable to your individuality. Would you like a sporty casual, refined and simple, or a little rough? There are guidelines to follow into those lines.

Accessorise with bling-blings.

Choosing your accessories is another trick to this look. There is a wide array of Campomaggi fashion collection that you can choose from. When you do so, make sure to choose the right ones or to whatever is suitable to the texture you would like to feature your outfit for the day. Would you care to give weight to your bag or are you more inclined into jewelleries? In the case of the latter, you have to choose between gold and studded ones or leathers and chains.

Go for earth colours.

Playing with colour has a lot to do with Bohemian fashion. It’s a key element that you cannot ignore. Boho-luxe is more about earth colours or warm colours. Play around whites, blacks, browns, and greens and use them as your min palette. Afterwards, you may add in vibrant hues of golds, silvers, greys, deep purples, and dark reds.

Pay attention to details.

One thing that draws people into Bohemian fashion is the fact that it encourages strong self-expression. Use that to your advantage by way of choosing the intricate details of your outfit. Whether that detail is an elaborate leather bag or an ethnic scarf or some layered gold necklaces, make sure that it suits your mood, it fits your personality, and most of all, it makes you feel good.

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Determine if Blogging is Suited for You

Blogging has become a popular career today for many individuals especially the youth. A lifestyle blogger, in particular is an interesting niche that is being enjoyed by many lifestyle enthusiasts. After all, what other job pays for trips, free products, food tasting invitations, etc.?  But, such a job is more than just its glamorous front.

Depositphotos_77040729_s-2015As per common Australian blogger, there are some sacrifices that entail to having a blogging lifestyle. Before you become iconic to this field and actually earn a lot from it, you may need to give up a regular life in favor of a much hectic day and night schedule. How is this so?

A lifestyle blogger literally does not have a free time. In fact, the amount of work, especially when just starting out, can’t be completed in only a few hours. Most of your waking hours will be spent on thinking about what to post next, which company to target for advertisements, who to call for travel contacts, plus you need to design the website, build links, and everything else needed to be done so that you can monetize your blog.

For a fashion blogger, it is more than just having free product samples of cosmetics, clothes, shoes, and scoring VIP passes on fashion events. Tedious work is spent on searching for new trends and writing about them first. You need to have a keen eye on what’s coming in the world of fashion so that a lot of people will be interested in following you.

In the case of being a travel blogger, you will need to give up precious working hours in favor of trips. Although these trips are paid for by sponsors, a huge work backlog could be waiting for every trip and it can be pretty exhausting.

Lifestyle blogging is fun but it does not promise a steady income. You may not even earn on your first year as most advertisers look for seasoned bloggers to invest in. This is why most bloggers choose to live and work abroad so that they can have cheaper living expenses.

Despite all these roadblocks, blogging remains to be a dream job. It is challenging but the experiences of being a lifestyle blogger can’t be measured by how much you are paid out of it. The travel, freebies, and other perks are just extras. What you really get out of starting a lifestyle blog is the opportunity to experience the good life that a lot of people only get to read out of lifestyle blogs.

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How Not to Be Anxious During Your Wedding: Prepare Your Pre Nup Shoots Ahead of Time

There are a hundred and one things to prepare for in a wedding, and given everyone’s busy schedule, most couples and families are now resorting to hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator just to take the pressure off them. One of the things that a couple must remember to include on their list is the pre wedding photos. Events planners and wedding coordinators put a lot of emphasis on this and this may constitute as one of the major expenses in the wedding.

Depositphotos_84243478_s-2015What people don’t realize is that pre wedding photos and videos have many uses. It can be used as the save the date card, part of the wedding videos, the tarpaulin or background for the wedding reception, as well as the souvenir items or trinkets that will be handed out to guests  after the event. So essentially, you are covering a lot of ground with just a single photo and video shoot.

If you have no idea how these pre-nuptial shots are styled, you can turn to any of the wedding blogs Australia for inspiration. One good thing about pre-nup shoots is you can be as playful or as whimsical as you wish to be. If a superhero theme is what you and your partner aspires, you can have this for your pre-nup photos. Some couples want a classy and vintage look, while there are others who want to ride a hot air balloon, or have their shots done up a mountain.

Unbelievably, wedding blogs have proven that there is no limit to a couple’s creativity. Some of these shoots are prepared for years ahead of the actual wedding. But, as most couples would say, it’s all worth it in the end. The memories and fun experience actually make the event itself – the wedding – a little more stressful. After all, the hard part is over, yes!

Many pre wedding videos work this way as well. They can be done simultaneously with the photo shoot and can be edited separately. Definitely, this saves time and money, and they are often done by the same team anyway, so it’s a two for one deal.

Having wonderful pre-wedding photos and videos to share with your family and friends on your wedding day is a big thing. It tells your story as a couple and reveals to them how the two of you have found love in the most unexpected of circumstances. So if you don’t want to fuss and worry close to the wedding, prepare for photos and videos ahead of time.

The bride-to-be used to be the most anxious and hands on in the wedding preparations. But, every bride has to be relaxed, and achieve this with the help of

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3 Tips to Capture the Perfect Wedding Video

For a long memoryShooting important events such as a wedding is a good source of extra income. There are couples who would want to seek the service of freelancers than videographers employed in photography and video services companies. However, shooting a perfect wedding film requires some basic knowledge and skills.

Shoot with the right gear and complete accessories

When you shoot wedding videos, you may be on a steady position or may also be constantly moving. But, whatever you need to do, you also need to have the necessary and appropriate gear and accessories. You don’t necessarily need to have the most expensive and highest-end video camera. There are many brands to choose from, which offer reasonably affordable handheld video cameras. The other accessories you need are remote microphone system, audio recorders, and fluid head tripod. So, whether you’re in Australia or other places, you can always shoot the perfect wedding film with these shooting essentials.

Shoot with the right frames

Framing is one crucial aspect that makes great wedding films. If you’re not sure about what types of frames to use in most parts of the wedding, you can follow your own creative rules. For example, on moments that are very intimate like the exchange of vows, you can shoot with close up frames while you can also have a long shot for editing purposes. This is particularly necessary when you have a defined story line or type of editing when creating and processing the final video output. When shooting a wedding video Sydney, it’s hard to resist shooting the beautiful scenery.

Attend the rehearsal

In the editing and completion of the final wedding video output, you need to highlight certain moments. You won’t be able to accomplish this successfully if you don’t know the flow of the wedding, which will hugely affect how and what moments you will shoot with the needed treatment and framing. So, it is crucial that you attend the rehearsal s you would know how the wedding will proceed on the actual day. Companies on wedding videography Sydney know this very well.

With these three tips, you can ensure that you know you are shooting the right way because you know very well the event you are shooting. You’ll surely make every couple client because of the perfect wedding film you are able to capture. On your part, you earn extra income from accomplishing a high quality video work.

Today, couples reap the benefit of having a wedding film. It becomes a reminder of how the love started. Know the significance and let show you.

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Choosing the Most Reliable Supplier of Fabric and Upholstery

Colorful fabrics on saleThe first thing that you have to do in choosing the best supplier for top quality fabric and upholstery is to identify the supplier. Before you make your final decision in choosing your fabric and commercial upholstery supplier, gathering information about that company is a must to get to know it better. By simply asking around for information from people in the same business as you are will definitely reap dividends.  Just gather information about a handful of suppliers as the small number will make it easy for you to make assessments. Judgment must be based on commitment on delivery and customer care.

The next thing that you have to consider is the amount of supplies that the company can deliver or commit. Reliable suppliers for top quality fabric and commercial upholstery will certainly put a lot of weight on their customer and supplier professional relationship. An audit program would certainly be of big help for you to record all of the supplies that the supplier has delivered. This will show if the supplier has good record for being compliant or not.

As a customer, you have the right to receive the best service and the quality and quantity of fabric and upholstery you ordered every time the supplier makes a delivery. This involves the quality of service the commercial upholstery supplier will provide you. With this in mind, it is best that you, as a customer, let your supplier know what it is that you expect from them in terms of service. From this, the supplier should also inform you their step-by-step policies of their company in terms of their services. From this dialogue, an agreement can be formed that is agreeable to both parties.

Developing a good professional partnership with your upholstery suppliers will do good for your business.  A good and reliable supplier will not be shy in showing how and where they source their materials. If an upholstery fabric supplier openly does this for you, then it would certainly mean that this supplier of yours could be relied upon to support your business.

By developing a professional business partnership between customer and those in the retail upholstery business, suppliers will more often than not notify or contact their customers if there are problems in supply or delivery to give you a heads up. Also, a reliable supplier must be in constant communication with its customers for any updates in their business like changes in pricing etc.

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Top fashion tips to follow on your next visit to Singapore

Nestled in the south-east section of the globe, Singapore is a bustling city, full of surprises at every nook and corner and ever ready to embrace new cultures and trends. A travel to Singapore is fulfilling for both recreational and educational purposes as it houses umpteen facilities and modern accommodation amenities to invite tourists all year round. Considering that the weather is Singapore is quite sticky, there are certain fashion trends to bear in mind before your pack your bags impulsively and fly away to the city of gardens.sg_fashion

Here we discuss the prevailing fashion trend in Singapore, along with the ones that are most comfortable for every tourist.

‘Dress down’ or ‘dress up’ for Singapore?

If you intend to visit Singapore for the sole purpose of touring the city, then all you basically need to pack is a couple of shorts, singlet, tank tops, T-shirt and you are good to go. In the sweltering hot and humid climate of Singapore, the lesser you wear outdoors, the better you will feel. Fabrics like pure cotton, silk and linen are compulsory. Consider packing extra t-shirts since after a day of outdoor travelling, you will have sweat completely and may need a change. Also be generous on the usage of a deodorant to conceal body odour.

As contrary to outdoor temperatures, places of Singapore maintain fully conditioned and sometimes chilly temperatures indoors. Since majority of activities occur indoors in Singapore, dressing becomes a new challenge altogether. So while you ‘dress down’ for outdoors, you will need to ‘dress up’ for indoor activities.

How to dress indoors for….

  • Office conference: Offices in Singapore house freezing cold environment. Business attire is largely seen as formal, so depending upon office temperature, it is safe to wear blazer suits. If you are clueless of the actual temperature, wear layers.
  • Taxi ride: Taxis in Singapore are common and quite affordable, so as a tourist, there are high chances that you will be boarding one for local touring or a visit to the marketplace. Taxis here maintain freezing temperatures too, so it is mandatory to carry a fleece jacket, cashmere sweater or a nice fur coat in your travel kit for the taxi ride.
  • The park: Singapore parks are chill-out places where people come to rejuvenate and imbibe the scenic greenery around. Here, short dresses, skirts, singles are quite comfortable for the evening, but for the hot, sultry mid-day temperatures, you may want to slip on a full sleeved sheer cotton shirt.
  • Visit to Shopping mall: Shopping malls are plenty in Singapore to cater to the interest of uptown tourists and locals alike. Since they maintain freezing temperatures, adorn a muffler or light scarf to sail through your shopping spree comfortably. Long pants are also recommended to preclude conditions of cold feet.
  • Fancy pubs and clubs: Most bars of Singapore have flexible dress codes and allow you to show up in short, sexy numbers, yet few fancy bars like Skypark bar require men to adorn long pants instead of short ones.

One last tip…

Singapore is a lively city which holds high regards for high street fashion and other contemporary trends. One popular fashion trend in Singapore is pattern mixing. In patten mixing, you can mix and match your standard black and white cotton clothes with perky scarves in shades of bright blue, bold red, fuschia or purple to accentuate the overall look and quite set a trend on your next travel to Singapore!

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Great Options for Plus Size Shoppers Down Under

I am what you would call a plus-sized woman and I am proud of it. This wasn’t the case when I was younger, unfortunately. And it was probably because it was hard to find plus size clothing that would suit me well.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not just talking about the fit. Of course, there were a lot of clothes that we, bigger girls could wear. But, extra-large football jerseys and giant pairs of jeans aren’t what you’d call appealing.

plus_size1How lucky plus sized women are today. How lucky I am today. We’ve got so much more options now than we did in the past. Now, I only use those (admittedly) oh so comfortable football jerseys and (these days) giant pairs of yoga pants at home. But, when I’m off to some glitzy party, I have the right plus size dresses for the occasion.

I was a tad anxious though when I went to Australia for a vacation a few months ago. I know, of course, that they have great options for women my size but I was not so sure if they would have options for my very particular taste in fashion.

Being a traveler who loves shopping, I have learned how to pack light. But, packing light is not very advantageous this time when my friends and I will be staying in the country for over two weeks. Shopping for great plus size clothing was a must for me.

One of my options was to shop online. But that wasn’t a smart idea since I would be spending more considering that the shops offering my kind of fashion were from the States, too. That extra I’d be paying for shipping would be better spent on fun during my vacation.

So I browsed the net for local shops offering plus size clothing Australia. You wouldn’t imagine my glee when I found over a dozen different sites on Google. Also, half of those had actual shops in Sydney, our first stop down under!

As soon as I got the addresses of these shops, I took out my luggage and filled just a quarter of it. In fact, I only had a pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, three shirts, a cardigan, several pairs of socks and underwear. Aside from the going around town for plus size clothing shopping, I decided to purchase a nice pair of sandals and another pair of stilettos there.

Everything I got was just amazing that it was one shopping spree I would never forget!

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What to Consider in Packing a Travel First Aid Kit

The complete first aid bag has all of the elements that cover basic sicknesses. The first thing you will need is to get empty first aid bags. The next thing you need to do is to fill it with every medicine or things that you will need once emergency strikes. You need to make sure that it is light enough for you to carry around since you will have to bring it wherever you go on your trip. It is an important part of traveling and it should be given a lot of attention; especially if you are traveling with small children or the elderly.

It is easy to scour the internet for first aid supplies online. These usually include medicines for basic travel sickness like nausea, dizziness, fever, cough and colds. All these, and stuff for treating wounds like cotton, bandages and disinfectants should be stuffed into your empty first aid bags. It is always best to have all these in one bag so that once you need any of these; you will know where to look.

Medical Conditions                                                                   



The next thing that you will have to consider is yourself and your companions’ medical conditions. Hypertension, thyroid conditions and diabetes are what is called lifestyle diseases and are common in people. If you are suffering from any of these, then medications related to these must also be packed in your empty fist aid bags. Allergies are also common medical conditions that need to be taken cared of when traveling. So, it is also best to take some amount of allergy medicines into your first aid bag empty.

What are you going to do and how long will you be gone?

These are the next things that you will need to consider in packing your first aid kit. The length of your trip should be considered because this will determine how much medication and medical supplies you need to carry along. The benchmark for this is to bring at least 3 weeks’ worth of medication for a 2-week long trip.

Your activities on your trip should also dictate the kind of medical supplies you need to bring. You need to bring a little less of these supplies if you are going on a leisure trip than compared to going on a mountain hiking adventure where you are more exposed to injuries and wounds. It surely does not make sense if you only carry 3 strips of medicated bandage strip when you know you are going up a volcano or rappelling down a cliff.

First aid kits are usually taken for granted, and you should not. All the supplies you need are in one shop, go to

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