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Five off beat things to do in Singapore

If you are traveling to Singapore anytime soon here is a list of things that you absolutely must put on travel check list for your next visit to Singapore.

1. Stay at Marina Bay Sands
This one is targeted especially at my Australian audiences, you absolutely must visit this hotel in Singapore and heres why,The infinity pool! The Marina Bay Sands, has 3 gorgeous swimming pools that are placed way above ground level on the 57th floor leaving you awestrucken with stunning scenic views while you take the plunge. Something that my Aussie mates will just love!!

2. Visit a casino cruise

Sure this place is no las Vegas, but the casinos out there are just as fun and what makes it even more exciting is the fact that they have casino cruises, so on your next visit to Singapore make sure you remember putting one night aside for you to stay at the Royal Caribbean, The cruise is an experience that you can not miss and if you play responsibly its a great way to have some fun and test your luck at the tables.

3. Go zip lining.

A vacation to Singapore without visiting universal studios is an unbelievable ordeal, as its the first thing that pops up into the mind when you hear the name, so i am sure you have made plans to visit there, however, the must try ride out there for all adrenaline junkies is zip lining, which can be found in the Mega adventure park area of universal studios.

4. Try the street food

No matter how hung up you are on your native food and skeptical about exploring new areanas, in the food department, especially the dreaded street prepared meals, the satays in Singapore must not be given a miss. The place you will find the best satays is also ironically called satay street and is a very popular destination, especially amongst tourist, its a cozy little lane filled with small stalls, offering mouth watering, freshly prepared juicy tender scrumptious satays that you just cant get full eating, so when in Singapore do go to satay street.

5. See the spectra show.
Located at the bayfront avenue, right outside marina bay sands is an musical light show that you must must watch, Sure it may seem silly given its an musical light show, but the technology they use is surely gonna blow your mind away, the show basically projects lights, lasers and beams on the water fountains and creates strickingly beautiful visuals that will surely set you trippin, the show lasts just for 15 minutes and yes it does seem like an childish ordeal, but do not be dissuaded by that, as the visuals they create are no less of an marvel and is not to be missed, especially since it is absolutely free, you dont have to pay a dime. However you will have to be punctual for this one, as the show only plays twice everyday once at 20:00pm and the next show begins at 21:30 pm.

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Top fashion tips to follow on your next visit to Singapore

Nestled in the south-east section of the globe, Singapore is a bustling city, full of surprises at every nook and corner and ever ready to embrace new cultures and trends. A travel to Singapore is fulfilling for both recreational and educational purposes as it houses umpteen facilities and modern accommodation amenities to invite tourists all year round. Considering that the weather is Singapore is quite sticky, there are certain fashion trends to bear in mind before your pack your bags impulsively and fly away to the city of gardens.sg_fashion

Here we discuss the prevailing fashion trend in Singapore, along with the ones that are most comfortable for every tourist.

‘Dress down’ or ‘dress up’ for Singapore?

If you intend to visit Singapore for the sole purpose of touring the city, then all you basically need to pack is a couple of shorts, singlet, tank tops, T-shirt and you are good to go. In the sweltering hot and humid climate of Singapore, the lesser you wear outdoors, the better you will feel. Fabrics like pure cotton, silk and linen are compulsory. Consider packing extra t-shirts since after a day of outdoor travelling, you will have sweat completely and may need a change. Also be generous on the usage of a deodorant to conceal body odour.

As contrary to outdoor temperatures, places of Singapore maintain fully conditioned and sometimes chilly temperatures indoors. Since majority of activities occur indoors in Singapore, dressing becomes a new challenge altogether. So while you ‘dress down’ for outdoors, you will need to ‘dress up’ for indoor activities.

How to dress indoors for….

  • Office conference: Offices in Singapore house freezing cold environment. Business attire is largely seen as formal, so depending upon office temperature, it is safe to wear blazer suits. If you are clueless of the actual temperature, wear layers.
  • Taxi ride: Taxis in Singapore are common and quite affordable, so as a tourist, there are high chances that you will be boarding one for local touring or a visit to the marketplace. Taxis here maintain freezing temperatures too, so it is mandatory to carry a fleece jacket, cashmere sweater or a nice fur coat in your travel kit for the taxi ride.
  • The park: Singapore parks are chill-out places where people come to rejuvenate and imbibe the scenic greenery around. Here, short dresses, skirts, singles are quite comfortable for the evening, but for the hot, sultry mid-day temperatures, you may want to slip on a full sleeved sheer cotton shirt.
  • Visit to Shopping mall: Shopping malls are plenty in Singapore to cater to the interest of uptown tourists and locals alike. Since they maintain freezing temperatures, adorn a muffler or light scarf to sail through your shopping spree comfortably. Long pants are also recommended to preclude conditions of cold feet.
  • Fancy pubs and clubs: Most bars of Singapore have flexible dress codes and allow you to show up in short, sexy numbers, yet few fancy bars like Skypark bar require men to adorn long pants instead of short ones.

One last tip…

Singapore is a lively city which holds high regards for high street fashion and other contemporary trends. One popular fashion trend in Singapore is pattern mixing. In patten mixing, you can mix and match your standard black and white cotton clothes with perky scarves in shades of bright blue, bold red, fuschia or purple to accentuate the overall look and quite set a trend on your next travel to Singapore!

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Bringing Out The Best in You Through Singapore Fashion

The people of Singapore have always been fashion conscious and cutting-edge with the changing trends. With the exposure from the fashion shows, stylish creations and numerous International events taking place in Singapore, the Singaporeans have get to be brand conscious, as a result, brand names and designer labels have gotten a great deal of consideration in Singapore fashion ideas. sg_fashion

Singapore Fashion Industry is growing more than ever, acquiring new successes each passing day. The late show held in Singapore displayed an alluring blend of colors. With an interesting blend of east and west added a gothic touch to the gathering. Accessories like long neckband, designer long bags, and loco shoes made the look trendier.

Singaporeans are for the most part seen dressed in casual clothing, agreeable yet popular. On the off chance that you are truly interested in knowing the latest pattern, just go down the streets of Singapore. You will find ladies adapting the casual wear sensibly to office. Linen knits, blouses, skirts, dresses in chocolate browns, blues, in rich plums and berry colors, are all consummately fitting to working environment. Notwithstanding this you will also see some ladies wearing tunics and certain dresses that are not very flashy and colorful. Capri pants are also really famous in Singapore because of the warm and muggy climate. The more professional ladies are seen in long line suits, custom-made trousers, with long sleeve tops and rich blouses.

Singaporean men draw off the cool, in vogue, sure yet stylish look effortlessly. Mixing and matching clothes with right adjust is a piece of latest pattern in Singapore. The warm and sticky atmosphere makes the Singaporeans to secure casual clothing. If at any point tumble to visit the famous Orchard street of Singapore, the shopping zone, you’ll find men showing off that sport look with smart casuals. The workplace goers are seen in smart custom-made suits, Ties and designer shoes to top it all. Individuals are also seen wearing western style clothing such as jogging suits, t-shits and sneakers.

On special occasions Singaporeans favor wearing conventional clothes. Singapore is a place where there is large number of individuals from numerous races and cultures. The most mainstream costume of Malay populace in Singapore is the famous Baju Kurung. It is a loose tunic worn more than a long skirt. Alongside that Sarong Kebaya is another two piece costume well known among the Malay individuals. Tudung is a headscarf used to cover ladies’ hair. The conventional costume of the Chinese populace in Singapore is the Cheongsam. The stylish creations of this dress are amazingly simple, worn alongside ornaments, to emphasize the neckline. The Indians in Singapore are seen wearing Saris with matching or contrasting blouses. The fabric of the saris may concede from being cotton to astounding silk. Men wear Kurta and Payjamas, Kurtas are long tops, made in cotton or silk. Furthermore, Pyajamas are nothing yet pants. Salwar Kameez is another prominent Indian Costume worn by the ladies in Singapore. It is considered as a standout amongst the most agreeable and respectable wears concerning the Singapore fashion ideas.

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Book with Bali’s Honeymoon Package and Discover What Perfect Honeymoon Is

AHR23Honeymoon is defined as a vacation for a newlywed that is usually spent in intimacy and seclusion. With many world destinations catering for newlyweds’ honeymoon, Bali Indonesia tops them all. Newlyweds who are more adventurous and who would love to experience Bali’s charm and magic, staying at any Bali villas would kick off a great Bali honeymoon treat.

For a starter, newlyweds would easily fall in love with Zen Bali design villas offering tropical escape and beautiful garden. Most have tubs either in the marble bathroom with great and big windows or on balcony with great ocean or beach views. Most Bali Villas’ balcony and tub welcomes the newlywed with rose petals and frangipani flowers to set-up romantic mood. Frangipani flowers on water or tubs give relaxing feeling because of its sweet scent and beauty. The Zen Bali contemporary and chic design affords more sensual and exotic ambiance with dark wood interiors, fluffy carpets, rattan armchairs and stoned-based beds. The living room is usually with huge flat screen and DVD player and a corner where couples can make tea or Nespresso as they enjoy sharing the honeymoon cake that their gracious host serves upon their arrival.

Newlyweds stationed at any Bali Villas for a honeymoon can arrange adventurous drive to the Seminyak or Ubud famous for mingling with the people and experience to be treated with concoctions of green tea and passion fruits or nibble on exotic tropical fruits or bottles of Bintang beer. Or, they can stay indoors and enjoy playful moments at the eternity pool that is a common amenity in most luxury Bali Villas for rent as they feast on catered Bali or Thai food or European dishes. If they’re after outdoor adventure, they can book with walking tours on the countryside and enjoy lush tropical scenery or some acres of ride paddy fields with farmers tilting the land or on top of their workhorses or water buffalo.

For some soul searching and quiet repose, newlyweds can book with Bali Temple tours and enjoy the amazing red brick temples and amazing stone sculptures of mythical gods and Buddha. They can also book with a must-have Monkey Forest Sanctuary tour to see monkeys hanging around beautiful and sacred temples.

Between each intimate moment at their rooms on one of best Bali Villas, they can walk down Bali’s shopping centers and scout for Bali’s Sarong, Batik prints, artwork and handmade souvenirs to bring back home or pieces of Bali rattan furniture to send home.

If you’re getting married and planning for your honeymoon, there’s Bali Honeymoon package that will allow you and your partner discover what a perfect honeymoon is.

Planning to have a honeymoon in Asia? Consider Bali, Indonesia and you will go home with worthy memories. Book with

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Style Up and Look Suave at the Garden City Singapore

singapore_fashionA foreign vacation is a dream for many. With a life loaded with stress and commitments some of us may find it hard to take a long vacation away from home and office. A short and sweet holiday destination with a number of places to visit is Singapore. With flight tickets in hand and other arrangements including place of stay and travel itinerary fixed the next item in the checklist is packing our suitcases. When many tips are available on the internet relating to Singapore Fashionand latest trendsthat is hot and happening in the land of multi-cultural lifestyle, the most easy to follow and adapt are listed below:


Flourishing in trade and being a commercial center, Singapore becomes the first stage for many international designers including Victoria Beckham. Singapore hosts these big fashion events and most of the autumn or spring collections by famous and new age designersare launched here. . Apart from labels from French designers, you can try out the local designer labels that are equally attractive. Clothes, shoes and bags from noteworthy brands can be shopped at rich luxury boutiques to street side flea markets. The best thing about shopping in Singapore is one can find products fitting their budget however small or big. Shopping experience is unique at one gets a unique Singaporean souvenir that speaks for the city’s ethnic nature. Known as shopper’s paradise, you need to be smart and know what you are looking for and where to get them. With home grown beauty brands in Chinatown till the Mustafa centre that is open round the clock you should know how to shop with good bargaining skills. Do not forget to try the home brand Raoul that has even attracted Kate Middleton. Leather accessories can be bought at a good price as many tanneries are operating from Singapore.

Outlook and personality

Revamping ones look and presentation is another part of adapting to a style of fashion. With Little India being the hub for people who wish to try the Indian Mehndi, hairdo and dressing style; there are plenty of spa and rejuvenating centres where we can get the best facial treatments and hairdo complimenting their out and out new look. Far East Plaza is the shopping center where you can get these latest beauty treatments in one place.

Shopper’s stop

Haji Lane is one place where latest fashion is sold at affordable prices. Outlanders feel Singapore is a city of malls and there are shops that you won’t find anywhere but Singapore for example shops that sell only men and female belts etc. A local label called Chalk is the latest favorite among girls who love feminine clothes the most. There are duty free shops where one can pick their favorite item without worrying about the tax levied on them.

Adapting toLatest trendin clothes, accessories and look as per the international fashion guidelines is very easy at Singapore. The American and English novelty in fashion hits Singapore first before any other Asian country. Singapore Fashionis an amalgamation of local as well as international best. A trip to Singapore will be memorable for Dolphins at Sentosa islands and also carrying heavy shopping bags.

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Stunning, Hottest Fashion Collection at Fashion Outlet Singapore

In the modern day people are concentrating more on fashion and since Singapore is a major tourist destination, fashion in Singapore is a standout amongst the most famous and most populated places on the globe. It is additionally an one of the countries with the greatest robustness of tenants. Moreover, it is likewise the business legislative hall of South-East Japan. An individual can find numerous conceivable outcomes here for different organizations and organizations. In any case shouldn’t we think about the better things in way of life, in the same way as imaginativeness, or design? It ought to be specified that in the matter of these, Singapore still really has a ton to give. Looking for best fashion style this Christmas, a store like Singapore blog shop can be an extraordinary decision for such shopping. Online stores have an enormous mixture of assorted types of pieces of Christmas clothing, which are elegant as well as reasonable as well.fashion_christmas

Web shopping is getting famous step by step as it spares time and cash furthermore purchasers get numerous alternatives. Web shops have assorted types of clothing types from wedding outfits to mixed drink dresses and from formal wear to gathering dresses and office wear. Stores like Singapore blogshop keep new plans, examples and styles of most recent articles of clothing to draw in clients.

Web shopping has made shopping an advantageous and intriguing movement. Regardless of where you are as you are never a long way from an online store and additionally energizing is the web stores are open round the clock, seven days a week and 365 days a year. They offer marvelous clothing types as well as they have mixed bags of satchels, grips and adornments also.

You ought to dependably pick and dress in fitting outfits. There are some little however crucial focuses which you ought to recollect. For example, brilliant, stunning shades are useful for gatherings and nighttime occasions yet for office wear; use pastel and delicate shades. Wearing great garments can support your state of mind and vitality.

Today stores like Singapore blogshop is an answer for all your apparel needs as all sort of clothing types with most recent styles, examples and sizes are accessible in these stores. They have cotton tops, skirts, office shirts, nighttime dresses and extravagant outfits to compliment your look. Online stores give rebates and you get your snappy clothing types inside your funding.

One intriguing certainty about web shopping is that, you will get your dress conveyed at your doorstep inside a few days. Marked, non marked and vintage; you can purchase numerous sorts of garments just by going to diverse web stores. Conventional markets and boutiques can likewise offer mixed bag yet online shops keep all the sizes and most recent styles in apparel.

Presently, fashion in Singapore is incredible a blessing since there are many shopping sites that can help buy various outfits. Shopping with Singapore blog shop can help you best fashion style this Christmas and get conveyed with the best fashion ever.

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The current fashion trends in Singapore and their impacts in the entire world

Modernity comes with a lot of changes that generally work to bring perfection and development of new trends to further the current generation. The changes are always fast and immediate as nothing stays longer in the fast lane due to competition and great ingenuity from fashion gurus and experts who have the skills, experience and the knowledge of tapping the market with any of the new designs. Fashion merchandising can be explained as an excellent touch of creativity, art and combination of talent as well as passion to come up with a world class fashion that creates an in-depth meaning in many people’s lives.prabal-gurung-dresses

This trend continues to shape the careers of many people in Singapore especially the young generation as they are always competing to look elegant, sharp, cute, and well dressed and going with the modern trends. It has made it in the market as a great approach to investment and a better business opportunity that has a large following of fans that can simply be turned into customers and they will definitely contribute in making great strides of the business growth. Singapore is a country that welcomes innovations and creativity, the citizens are always committing themselves to a serious focus on life and coming up with great discoveries in the fashion industry that will bring about sophistication, luxury and comfort living.

The country has in the recent times made it in the fashion industry boasting of a few but big names that have made it in the catwalk lane as models and great designers who have the great skills of combining creativity and modernity to come up with totally unique, classy and sophisticated clothes. Prabal Gurung is a great name not only in Singapore, but has attracted a world attention as his clothes are worn by world famous people including Michelle Obama, Duchesse of Cambridge and Lady Gaga. He has defined the fashion in Singapore bringing it to the limelight and indicating that it involves sheer will and determination and not only belonging to the super power nations.

The fashion trends has greatly contributed to the growth of the economy of Singapore as many people across the globe imitate the trends and the innovations from experienced and creative individuals who have shifted the fashion industry and even helped in driving it to greater heights of prominence, success and excellence. At the current times, many school leavers in Singapore can opt to venture into this career that was once viewed as a low priced career with no hope of investing in business growth. Fashion merchandizing has helped them realize how they can touch the world economy through creativity and not merely imitating other well established designers like Calvin Klein. On the other hand, ladies are gaining the confidence of walking in the catwalk lanes as they enjoy the feeling of their indigenous culture in the fashion industry and wonderful designs that have attracted majority of human race. It is simple and perfect chance that helps many realize the power of beauty through learning and researching on the current fashion in Singapore.

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Fashion Tips to help you look fabulous in Singapore

fashion SingaporeSingapore is quite a beautiful country with beautiful people. However in recent years it is turning out to be quite the fashion hub. Unprecedented economic growth has caused the rise of new designers and has also attracted big names in the fashion industry. Back in 2011, the city was placed at number eight of the world’s most fashionable cities in a survey conducted by the Global language Monitor. With great fashion events such as the first Men’s Fashion Week which attracted big shot brands such as Hugo Boss and the Audi Fashion Festival, Singapore is growing into a fashion capital of South East Asia.

Fashion in Singapore has also been boosted by the big names such as H&M opening shop outlets in the city. The city offers both high end clothing stores as well as local designers. Depending on your needs and style preference there is something for everyone. Louis Vuitton, Chanel Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Armani can all be found in Singapore. Street fashion is also very vibrant in the city. Louis Vuitton stands out with their Louis Vuitton Island Maison on a floating island near the Marina Bay Sands. There are many street shops with street fashion in places like the Far East plaza.

While in Singapore, you may also want to consider some of the local fashion houses.

One of the most famous Singapore designers is Ashley Isham who even though is based in London, has established his own self-titled fashion brand. Other established fashion brands include;

Crocodile; this is a lifestyle fashion brand that mainly deals with designs that are functional in nature and classic

Weekend Sundries; It is an emerging label in Singapore that makes its clothes locally. The designs are versatile with intricate details and are good for everyday wear and function

Pure earth; Located in the Centre point in Tanglin Mall, it offers trendy designs made using natural light weight fabrics

Bods.bodynits; this brand is for those looking for sportswear. It offers both male and female sportswear. The collections are developed for sports or activities that range from aerobics to cycling, running, and athletics.

PARCO next NEXT: This is a special project that has retail stores in the PARCO Marina bay. It nurtures gifted local designers. It offers new and innovative designs from new designers. These are unique and diverse designs that are worth checking out.

These are just some of the must-have brands in Singapore, but there is much more to be explored in this city fashion wise.

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Fashion Police: Conquer your College Fears

Entering a new phase in your life requires changes, fashion-wise. If you want to make your entry to college memorable and worry free, you should take note of the wardrobe essentials you must have with you. A nice outfit every school day is a sure boost to your confidence.

The Basics

singaporefashionYou do not need to shop heavily on dresses or lacy tops to look good. Having a few essentials can help you get through college minus the nightmares.

One of the first things you must shop for is some pair of jeans. Keeping five or six pairs in your closet – in different styles, washes, and trends. No one will ever complain about you wearing the same pair twice in a week because no one will ever notice. Be careful about getting too trendy with your jeans. You will need fresh new pairs every season. It is more ideal that you keep basic styles that do not go outdated.

Tank tops are another essentials. Keep them comfy, as they are stylish and chic. Make sure to have pieces in basic colors, which you can wear all alone during summer and then layer with cardigans and jackets during winter.

If you want to look good outside, don’t forget to invest on what you wear inside. Panties and brassiere are the foundation of how you would look. If they are in the perfect fit, the rest of your outfit will not look right as well. What you need to remember when buying undergarments? Comfort and fit, baby.

Dressy Must-Haves

College students are not all about studying and no play. You must prepare for those “playtimes” as much as you do for your school days. Get chic and classic dresses that will fit you perfectly. You can wear them to school and to after-school gimmicks. You may interchange a dress with a button down shirt, some skirts, and dressy tops.

The other important things that an incoming college student must shop for are the accessories that will make any outfit a standout. Starting from a bag that will hold everything without appearing too bulky. Bags with zippered compartments and pockets will help keep you organized so go ahead and look out for them.

You should also take time choosing your shoes. You must have a pair of ballet flats, a pair of boots, and a pair of pumps. Choose basic colors so you would not have problems wearing them with any outfit.

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