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Determine if Blogging is Suited for You

Blogging has become a popular career today for many individuals especially the youth. A lifestyle blogger, in particular is an interesting niche that is being enjoyed by many lifestyle enthusiasts. After all, what other job pays for trips, free products, food tasting invitations, etc.?  But, such a job is more than just its glamorous front.

Depositphotos_77040729_s-2015As per common Australian blogger, there are some sacrifices that entail to having a blogging lifestyle. Before you become iconic to this field and actually earn a lot from it, you may need to give up a regular life in favor of a much hectic day and night schedule. How is this so?

A lifestyle blogger literally does not have a free time. In fact, the amount of work, especially when just starting out, can’t be completed in only a few hours. Most of your waking hours will be spent on thinking about what to post next, which company to target for advertisements, who to call for travel contacts, plus you need to design the website, build links, and everything else needed to be done so that you can monetize your blog.

For a fashion blogger, it is more than just having free product samples of cosmetics, clothes, shoes, and scoring VIP passes on fashion events. Tedious work is spent on searching for new trends and writing about them first. You need to have a keen eye on what’s coming in the world of fashion so that a lot of people will be interested in following you.

In the case of being a travel blogger, you will need to give up precious working hours in favor of trips. Although these trips are paid for by sponsors, a huge work backlog could be waiting for every trip and it can be pretty exhausting.

Lifestyle blogging is fun but it does not promise a steady income. You may not even earn on your first year as most advertisers look for seasoned bloggers to invest in. This is why most bloggers choose to live and work abroad so that they can have cheaper living expenses.

Despite all these roadblocks, blogging remains to be a dream job. It is challenging but the experiences of being a lifestyle blogger can’t be measured by how much you are paid out of it. The travel, freebies, and other perks are just extras. What you really get out of starting a lifestyle blog is the opportunity to experience the good life that a lot of people only get to read out of lifestyle blogs.

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