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Mixing and Matching to Achieve the Boho Look

Be chic and proud. Learn how to climb the ranks of Zimmermann models and avid followers. Here are some ideas on how to achieve the stylish Bohemian look. Read on.

Use layers and use them wisely.

Depositphotos_100016106_s-2015Bohemian style is all about a couple of layers but some overdo it. That is not a good thing. If you want to look like a true blue Boho chick, you should know how to layer your outfit. Make sure you go easy with the lengths and the number of Zimmermann dresses you are going to put together. Your outfit should not make you look smaller or heavier. In that case, you will have to lift a layer or two.

Do not dress far from your personality

A Bohemian style requires some attitude to wear right. However, you do not necessarily need to be a hippie to earn the right to don it. There is always a way to blend in this type of fashion with your type of person. Look into various Zimmerman styles and see which one is most suitable to your individuality. Would you like a sporty casual, refined and simple, or a little rough? There are guidelines to follow into those lines.

Accessorise with bling-blings.

Choosing your accessories is another trick to this look. There is a wide array of Campomaggi fashion collection that you can choose from. When you do so, make sure to choose the right ones or to whatever is suitable to the texture you would like to feature your outfit for the day. Would you care to give weight to your bag or are you more inclined into jewelleries? In the case of the latter, you have to choose between gold and studded ones or leathers and chains.

Go for earth colours.

Playing with colour has a lot to do with Bohemian fashion. It’s a key element that you cannot ignore. Boho-luxe is more about earth colours or warm colours. Play around whites, blacks, browns, and greens and use them as your min palette. Afterwards, you may add in vibrant hues of golds, silvers, greys, deep purples, and dark reds.

Pay attention to details.

One thing that draws people into Bohemian fashion is the fact that it encourages strong self-expression. Use that to your advantage by way of choosing the intricate details of your outfit. Whether that detail is an elaborate leather bag or an ethnic scarf or some layered gold necklaces, make sure that it suits your mood, it fits your personality, and most of all, it makes you feel good.

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