20/20 Vision: Must Have for Flight Attendants and Passengers

sydney_vision_FAThere is really no need to explain why pilots should have good eyesight – having the most minor far or near-sightedness is risking the lives of a dozen or so crews and hundreds of passengers of the plane. But, why should flight attendants and passengers still consider undergoing Corneal Graft Sydney or similar procedures?

What is Corneal Graft?

Corneal grafting or transplantation is a procedure wherein the damaged cornea is removed and then replaced with a new one. If only a part of the cornea is grafted, it is called Lamellar Keratoplasty. If the whole cornea will be transplanted, it is called Penetrating Keratoplasty.

What’s so important about the Cornea?

This clear covering over each eye is the one responsible for allowing the light to enter the pupil and the lens so you could see. If this is damaged, light will be blocked causing the images you see around you to be distorted.

The need for everyone to get Corneal Graft Sydney

These distorted images will be a hindrance to various activities of daily living. And it would be worse if you’re flying or working on a plane.

Quick reaction time is a must when you are thousands of feet above land. Having lousy vision will prevent you from doing important, life-saving measures in case of emergency. Those emergency lights turning on, signaling you to put on those life vests, would be completely useless if you are having corneal problems.

Introducing Intralase

There are different methods of corneal removal and transplant but the newest innovation is called Intralase Sydney. From the term itself, this makes use of laser – not a blade – to lift the affected eye part and re-shape it.

There are lesser risks here as it is blade-free, ensures precision which then eliminates complications when it comes to corneal flaps and yield better results.

Possible risks

We do like to add that, like any other medical procedure, vision correction Sydney through laser and other methodologies has its own set of risks. You should be aware of all these so that you know what you’re getting into. You should also know the various conditions that will contraindicate you to undergo of the procedure.

But you need not worry about doing an in-depth research about these things if you have chosen the right doctor to consult. What we’re saying is that, first and foremost, you should choose the clinic to visit if you have decided to undergo corneal graft Sydney or other related procedures. That is the only way in which you could guarantee good results.

When applying for a career as a flight attendant, make sure you have a perfect vision, get your vision corrected with http://www.sydneyvision.com.au/.

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