Five off beat things to do in Singapore

If you are traveling to Singapore anytime soon here is a list of things that you absolutely must put on travel check list for your next visit to Singapore.

1. Stay at Marina Bay Sands
This one is targeted especially at my Australian audiences, you absolutely must visit this hotel in Singapore and heres why,The infinity pool! The Marina Bay Sands, has 3 gorgeous swimming pools that are placed way above ground level on the 57th floor leaving you awestrucken with stunning scenic views while you take the plunge. Something that my Aussie mates will just love!!

2. Visit a casino cruise

Sure this place is no las Vegas, but the casinos out there are just as fun and what makes it even more exciting is the fact that they have casino cruises, so on your next visit to Singapore make sure you remember putting one night aside for you to stay at the Royal Caribbean, The cruise is an experience that you can not miss and if you play responsibly its a great way to have some fun and test your luck at the tables.

3. Go zip lining.

A vacation to Singapore without visiting universal studios is an unbelievable ordeal, as its the first thing that pops up into the mind when you hear the name, so i am sure you have made plans to visit there, however, the must try ride out there for all adrenaline junkies is zip lining, which can be found in the Mega adventure park area of universal studios.

4. Try the street food

No matter how hung up you are on your native food and skeptical about exploring new areanas, in the food department, especially the dreaded street prepared meals, the satays in Singapore must not be given a miss. The place you will find the best satays is also ironically called satay street and is a very popular destination, especially amongst tourist, its a cozy little lane filled with small stalls, offering mouth watering, freshly prepared juicy tender scrumptious satays that you just cant get full eating, so when in Singapore do go to satay street.

5. See the spectra show.
Located at the bayfront avenue, right outside marina bay sands is an musical light show that you must must watch, Sure it may seem silly given its an musical light show, but the technology they use is surely gonna blow your mind away, the show basically projects lights, lasers and beams on the water fountains and creates strickingly beautiful visuals that will surely set you trippin, the show lasts just for 15 minutes and yes it does seem like an childish ordeal, but do not be dissuaded by that, as the visuals they create are no less of an marvel and is not to be missed, especially since it is absolutely free, you dont have to pay a dime. However you will have to be punctual for this one, as the show only plays twice everyday once at 20:00pm and the next show begins at 21:30 pm.

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